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Kristi Forrest

 Hi, I'm Kristi Forrest. I am a certified aromatherapist, Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry Practitioner, on the Astara ministerial staff as well as having done extensive training in Pranic Healing & Reiki.

I discovered energy wellness through my twenty two years as a hairstylist & witnessed first hand the healing power of touch and presence to connect with and nurture my clients. I've always loved sharing knowledge & skills & I honed this with my clients & colleagues.

Now I love teaching techniques & sharing tools to improve their sense of inner peace so they can live fulfilling lives. Join my monthly meditation group to get a taste of what I have to offer.

My personal journey to achieve physical health led to the discovery that healing comes in many forms and there are numerous pieces that come together to form your wellness puzzle. I love collaborating with other healers & often make recommendations based on what best suits you. If you feel drawn to work with me, know that I consider it an honor & privilege to be a part of your journey. 


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