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Energy purification of your space is just as important as your body's chakra centers. Heavy energy leaves you feeling drained and has negative emotional affects.

Using sacred rituals and items I'm here to assist you in creating a more vibrant and peaceful home.


Personalized space clearing is for you if :

-you're a real estate agent having difficulty selling a home (my specialty)

-you sense negative energies need clearing

-there's been conflict in a home

-there are negative energy imprints in the home

-you are selling or moving into a home

-you sense unwelcome presence from spirit realm or earthbound spirit

-there's beeen violence, death or sickness in a space

-you would like a home blessing for a more peaceful environment


Sessions include: 

- 20 minute consult to assess specific needs of your property

- 1-2 hour on site visit to address the energy on the property

- beautiful kit with incense, aromatherapy, clearing sprays, crystals and journal to record notes

- off site work to continue the process of energy shifting

- you’ll learn techniques to maintain the good energy of your space

- follow up consult