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Creative Destruction

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Birthdays are something I’ve always loved. Yup, I’m one of those people who actually enjoy getting older and I choose to celebrate that I’m still alive and kicking around on this earth. It’s been my personal practice to explore a theme for each year and each decade. I relish in the time leading up to my sun cycle as it’s my personal “new year” to take inventory of what or who I am leaving behind and choose what I’d like to bring into my life.

If you’re not familiar with the planetary cycles, it is a format that uses 7 planets each consisting of 52 days and helps you to harness the energy of that planet in your life. Think of the full moon each month and how most everyone acknowledges it’s effects on humans. Most only understand it as a time when people act out more rather than learn to harness that powerful time.

The 52 days leading up to your birthday are the Saturn phase and this is where you are more likely to experience manifestation of negative karma, drastic changes and endings. It’s also when you can harness the concept of creative destruction. Knowledge is power and rather than just coast through this timeframe you can be very intentional in what or who needs to move out of your life before entering your Sun cycle. Like the full moon phase most people tend to see this time as negative as the human ego has an iron grip on keeping things status quo. It can be painful to let go of what we know for the unknown. That requires faith and trust.

Recently I had the realization that it was time to end a professional relationship. This is someone who I’ve worked with for years and she is amazing at her job. I’ve referred her to friends and family and like me, they’ve all had a great experience with this individual. I can’t think of a single red flag or negative experience in all the times I’ve utilized her services and so she certainly wasn’t on my cut list. I contacted her in preparation for my next Sun cycle yearly overview and at first I didn’t realize she was part of my shedding process. Having spent years practicing awareness I must admit I’m still pretty dense and so it took a few nudges for me to get that it was time to look for someone new in this particular field of work. Thankfully my processing of emotions is getting better and within a few hours I had moved through the issue and knew in my core what I needed to do.

I once heard someone say “ In the beginning of our growth we usually are making choices between good or bad. At a certain point we begin to be presented with choices of good and good.” Choosing between good or bad is much easier and more clear than many good options. When we have many great things to choose between it takes becoming more centered and learning to listen to your own internal guidance. It's difficult to leave something or someone who's really good and that you like for the unknown.

It was time for me to end this professional relationship to allow space for someone that could offer new insight and perceive things from another perspective to help me get to my next best thing.

Creative destruction can be painful but staying the same would be even more painful. It takes a lot of effort for that baby bird to break out of the shell but can you imagine the decay that would happen if the bird stayed in the shell?

It looks like this years theme has revealed itself. Time to move from the safe, cozy pond and jump into the wild, unpredictable ocean and dare to dream bigger. There is where I will meet new challenges, choices and acquire a new tribe of likeminded souls.

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