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Curious as to if my work is the right fit for you? Contact me to schedule a free phone consult at the link below.



Teaching is one of my favorite services I offer. I love seeing others when they get the spark of realization in their eyes & nothing makes me happier than sharing knowledge. 


Customize a  class tailored for the specific interest of your group. I specialize in energy wellness, aromatherapy and meditation to help address stress, PTSD, sleep issues & much more. 

Space Clearings


Energy purification of your space is just as important as your body's chakra centers. Heavy energy leaves you feeling drained and has negative emotional affects.

Using sacred rituals and items I'm here to assist you in creating a more vibrant and peaceful home.

Elevating the energy of your home is a specialty of mine. Energy purification of a space is just as important

From not so nice neighbors, addressing spirit presence that needs assistance in transitioning to simply making your personal space feel happy and peaceful.

Real estate agents will find this service perfect for that hard to sell property.

Personalized space clearing is for you if :

-you're a real estate agent having difficulty selling a home (my specialty)

-you sense negative energies need clearing

-there's been conflict in a home

-there are negative energy imprints in the home

-you are selling or moving into a home

-you sense unwelcome presence from spirit realm or earthbound spirit

-there's beeen violence, death or sickness in a space

-you would like a home blessing for a more peaceful environment

Sessions include: 

- 20 minute consult to assess specific needs of your property

- 1-2 hour on site visit to address the energy on the property

- beautiful kit with incense, aromatherapy, clearing sprays, crystals and journal to record notes

- off site work to continue the process of energy shifting

- you’ll learn techniques to maintain the good energy of your space

- follow up consult

Note: As of January 1, 2023 due to limited schedule availabiltiy, individual healing sessions are on a referral basis only.


Aromatherapy is a simple & profoundly effective form of plant medicine utilized for thousands of years. Modern aromatherapy works with distilled essential oils. Kristi integrates the physical, psychological and esoteric aspects of essential oils to assist in shifting patterns, calming emotions & transmuting energy so you can more easily heal & make your desired life changes. 

Available in 30 minute sessions.

Please note:

Prior to your session, alert Kristi if you are pregnant, on chemotherapy or have any aversions or any sensitivity to aroma, as this can result in negative effects. 


Pranic Healing 

Pranic Healing is a touch-free method of energy healing based on the principle that when you remove obstacles, the body has the ability to heal itself. Pranic Healing originates from esoteric methods that have existed for many years and has been researched & tested by the founder, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

Energy healing can be done long distance as well as in person.

Please Note:

Energy healing is never intended to replace the role of your physician. Instead, it is a wonderful complement to your whole wellness regime. ​

Mentor Program

Are you looking to incorporate aromatherapy into your professional healing practice and aren’t sure where or how to start? 

Interested in going deeper with aromatherapy in your personal life ?



Allow me to take the guesswork out of the equation & assist you along the way. 

Aromatherapy can be incorporated into almost any healing practice and with a strong foundation you can confidently incorporate the beauty of plant medicine into your personal & professional practice. Aromatherapy has become well known in the mainstream consciousness & that makes it even easier to introduce & customize it in serving your clients.


 Essential oils have the power to accelerate the healing process psychologically and physically. Plant medicine has many approach You do not have to become an aromatherapist to utilize aromatherapy in your practice; it is however advisable to obtain the knowledge to use them safely and responsibly. 


As a lifelong student of aromatherapy and certified aromatherapist I understand not everyone can dedicate the time that I have researching this practice. 

That’s why I have created this program to give you the fundamental skills and knowledge to apply this beautiful healing modality to your life and practice. 


My primary area of study is with Greg Toews of Plant Prana which teaches the energetics of aromatherapy in addition to physical applications and issues. I love sharing his methods as they have had a profound affect on my life and in my professional practice

It is my pleasure to teach and empower you with these practices and it delights my heart to see you flourish in your life. Thank you for the honor to be of service to you.



What’s included?



In this program you will: 

-Learn what essential oils are and how to utilize them so you can understand their applications.

-Understand basic safety usage so you can confidently implement them into your personal & professional practice.

-Learn Plant Prana’s method of working with essential oils in order to take aromatherpy to the next level of use.

-Receive resource sheets

-Receive foundation essential oil kit that can be utilized in a variety of practices

-Receive comprehensive essential oil reference manual 

-1 hour weekly session (Zoom or in person)

-Recorded weekly session. This makes a great review tool.

-Daily access to me outside of weekly session via text or email 

-Client intake form for use with eo’s

-Quick list of essential oil applications and reference

* Sessions are available in person and via Zoom. 

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