Teaching is one of my favorite services I offer. I love seeing others when they get the spark of realization in their eyes & nothing makes me happier than sharing knowledge. 


Customize a  class tailored for the specific interest of your group. I specialize in energy wellness, aromatherapy and meditation to help address stress, PTSD, sleep issues & much more. 


-$20 per person for 1 hour class. 

*minimum 5 people required


Aromatherapy is a simple & profoundly effective form of plant medicine utilized for thousands of years. Modern aromatherapy works with distilled essential oils. Kristi integrates the physical, psychological and esoteric aspects of essential oils to assist in shifting patterns, calming emotions & transmuting energy so you can more easily heal & make your desired life changes. 


Pricing: ​

-30 minute:  $55

Series 3 package:  $150

-1 hr:  $110

Series 3 package:  $300

Please note:

Prior to your session, alert Kristi if you are pregnant, on chemotherapy or have any aversions or any sensitivity to aroma, as this can result in negative effects. 


Pranic Healing 

Pranic Healing is a touch-free method of energy healing based on the principle that when you remove obstacles, the body has the ability to heal itself. Pranic Healing originates from esoteric methods that have existed for many years and has been researched & tested by the founder, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

Energy healing can be done long distance as well as in person.


-1 hr: $110

Series 3 package:  $300

Please Note:

Energy healing is never intended to replace the role of your physician. Instead, it is a wonderful complement to your whole wellness regime. ​

Equine Healing Therapy
This package includes the combined talents of Christine Robey & Kristi Forrest. You'll experience the healing power of horses for those seeking empowerment & better knowledge of themselves. Working with horse medicine has also been known to assist with PTSD, anxiety, depression and soul work.

This service is a series of 3 sessions in which you'll begin with Christine & a horse tailor-picked for your needs. The gift of the horse is their ability to mirror what your soul most needs in order to heal & live your best life. Your horse mirror will provide the groundwork for Kristi to guide you through the steps of creating new patterns in your life utilizing energy healing techniques & aromatherapy. 


Series 3 package: $360

* individual sessions available after your 1st Series 3 package - $120 per session

Terms & Conditions

Equine Healing Therapy sessions are conducted at Atwood Farms in Goshen, KY. All first time clients must complete a Series 3 package. From there you can purchase individual sessions. Due to the nature of this process it is important to complete your package sessions within a 6 week time frame or the remainder of sessions will need to be forfeited. 

Spirit Weaving

Use your creative energies to tangibly express an intention, experience higher soul-guided creativity or just make something of beauty that makes you smile. Kristi will guide you through a simple process of intuitive weaving to sharpen your intuitive abilities. 

Materials are provided & includes a loom for you to take home for future creations of your own.


Private session: $150

Group of 3 or more: $75 per person

*Plan approximately 2 hours for this session